Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here we are having carpet time at school! He loves the messy, goopy stuff. This is the pancake mix with water before we added the purple cool-aid. Today we made & painted "thankfulness baskets" out of cut apart egg cartons. When I asked him what he was thankful for he quickly shouted out, "Lee-La! me thankful for my "Lee-La"!!!!(so sweet :~) He cried so bad when she left on Tuesday night. My heart was mostly broken for my sweet girl; I remember whenever her sister was probably around Josiah's age and we would go to their home to pick Kayla up & her little sister would cry as her Kayla got in our car & we drove off. Kayla's eyes filled with tears as she looked back til we turned the corner. Now she is going through it again with ' Si & soon she will have to go through this again for her baby brother at her mom's house. These sweet babies are still young and don't understand what is going on. She called home from her mom's to check on 'Si Tuesday night- SHE IS A SWEETHEART.

I am so grateful because Kayla's mom really seems to understand, like once when I was pregnant with Elijah, We were on our way to get Kayla but were not near her school but passed a school with a similar play equipment and Josiah started crying & crying because he thought we had passed Kayla's school - not stopping to pick up his sister. I called Kay's mom and explained what had happened & she agreed to let Kayla talk to Josiah for a minute. Once she too had to call our cell phone because her sister was crying for Kayla as well.

One thing is for sure - "OUR GIRL IS SO SWEET"! (missing her so bad - wish she was gonna be here for Sat. when we go sell at the auction)

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  1. So many times you hear stories of step siblings who are treated horribly by one or the other parents new families. I love reading your blog. Your family is so precious. all 5 of you :)