Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Questions about Home Schooling Preschooler's

*** First I was asked by an anonymous commenter to share our recipe for embueltos. Will do real soon but would rather know who wants recipe. I have no real reason just curios I guess.
Maybe I just want to know who's gonna be trying Grandma's embueltos?***

Since Josiah is not in school & I don't want him to fall behind I have been doing school with him. (can't remember if I already posted that)

Well we painted today!!! YUP!! I was brave or CRAZY!!! Yeah more like crazy!! L.O.L!!!

We sat on our front sidewalk and finger painted and that turned into a WONDERFUL GAME OF "paint chase", he said.

WE laughed and giggled and sang and ran around our front yard.
(wish I could post pic's - WE looked very colorful!!!)

SO The actual school part is going really well.
schedule is pretty much as follows:
wake up
sit on couch to watch Curios George on PBS (while I make b-fast)
eat b-fast together.
Josiah plays alone for about 20 minutes
WE do laundry & house chores together
then we have "MOMMY'S PLAY SCHOOL"
usually we start with a song & prayer
then go over our bible verse
story time counting time
singing & marching time
Then we head outside for play time either a walk or an activity (today was paint & paint chase)
Then we come inside at about 11:00- 11:30
He does self play for about 10-20 minutes
I fix lunch serve it & we eat together
then he takes a nap.

He is being super super clingy to me from the time he wakes up - if daddy doesn't give him UNDIVIDED attention then he is way more clingy to me.
I'm sorta spinning silly about this. Is it MY fault? Am I giving him too much attention?
I mean isn't he supposed do be able to play or entertain himself a little more than that?
Or is this a typical 2 -3 year old?


  1. It is probably a combination of being home with you, the attention you give him, and simply being a toddler. You will NEVER get this time back, so keep up the attention and the time you give to him. Unless you are obsessive about it (which I doubt), he will be absolutely fine and well adjusted little guy. HAVE FUN!

  2. It is hard to say...all kids are different. I wouldn't worry about it much I bet it will pass. Never feel bad for giving him TOO much attention...you are his mommy and he is only little for a short time. I think it sounds like you are doing great! Just have fun with him!

  3. Me! I wanted the recipe. Not sure why I posted anonymous...sorry. Found your blog via Susie's.

    So me. We'll be (hopefully) enjoying g'ma's recipe. =)

  4. I think different children also differ. With the triplets, I notice that one is much easier to have solo than the other two. He is simply more independent. The same is true between my two 5 year old grand-daughters.