Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BABY MORIAH... almost here!!! UPDATE

Beth is almost two weeks over due. The doctors told her that baby Moriah is 8 pounds 10 ounces (that was on Monday)

They have decided that she will most likely have to have a c-section. Today or tomorrow.

Beth has asked me to please go into the operating room with her. I am glad but nervous.
Beth & I are so very close, so I am not surprised that she would want me to be there for her.

I'm just nervous - Please pray for me!!!

Steve & I are Moriah's god-parents - She had chosen us as soon as she found out she was pregnant - but when we found out about Elijah it just became a deeper different feeling.

Steve & I don't know how exactly we are going to react... ...

PLEASE pray for our hearts & emotions

I will update later as to my little god-daughters bid debut!!!
U P D A T E*** U P D A T E*** U P D A T E*** U P D A T E*** U P D A T E***
Moriah will probably be born tomorrow!!! Beth just got out of doctors appointment, doctor said they will start induction tomorrow morning @ 6:00 a.m


  1. I will definitely be praying for all of you...

    Love Erika

  2. Prayers for a safe delivery and that you will find great joy in role and Godmother and aunt!