Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'M SO SORRY (Please Forgive My Behavior)

I need to Apologize for my tantrum on the last post. YOU ALL HAVE BEEN SUCH A WONDERFUL SUPPORT TO ME. I just let everything overwhelm me. BUT YOU, my blog land family have been so wonderful and supportive to me. I'm SO SORRY FOR THE LITTLE OUTBURST... I know EVERYONE is in financial situations and that i'm not the only one going through stresses of life. Not getting a job is so trivial. I hope you all forgive me.


  1. There is no need to apologize! For goodness sake, this is your blog, you can say whatever you want. You're going through some really rough times, and you can't just leave those feelings bottled up.

    Do whatever it takes to help you get through this, and make sure you find some joy in every day: the laughter of your children, a favorite song, the beauty of nature, etc.

  2. Hey, everyone is entitled to vent. This is your blog and you can say whatever you want. I don't think you need to apologize and I think that others would agree with me.

  3. Tantrums can be healthy... don't apologize!!! Maybe I should have one. Gosh, that would probably feel really good.

    I hope nobody said anything negative to you. As my 6 year old would say, "poo poo on them". No, I don't encourage that statement, but in my own head, I often agree with her statement.

  4. DOnt ever apologize! This is your blog, your feelings are very real, and blogging is very theraputic! Talk to us, we are here.

  5. Apologize for what? Everyone is allowed a moment. Okay. Do not feel guilty. The next time you need a sounding board, go ahead let it out.

  6. Hey Sweetie,

    When you vent here, it lets me know how to pray more specifically for you. I think you are safe here with the people who read and love you. I have had many of these "venting times" in my life but no internet!! I would just do it in my garden while pulling weeds and trimming and tell it to my cats since they were just hangin with me anyway. It's best not to let things bottle up inside. Praying for you guys and asking the Lord to heap His blessings down on you. You are loved just the way you are Marie.:)

    Love, Laurie in Ca.