Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Steve woke up & got out of bed at 3:00 a.m this morning. He said he had too much on his mind and could not sleep. He went to the garage (his thinking place more like his prayer closet).

I got up at 5:00a.m couldn't sleep anymore either. Just want to say thanks to Laurie for letting us know you are lifting up the unspoken request along with us. I think maybe that is why neither Steve or I could sleep this morning.

SO what do you do when you just can't sleep and you have lots on your mind?

Steve's motto ... ... ... we organize , clean and do anything we can to keep our minds occupied!!!

Steve has been reorganizing our dresser drawers, doing laundry and sorting out winter clothes to put away and putting out the stuff the kids & we have out grown or will no longer wear.

I on the other hand, have been biting my nails, plopping myself from couch to couch, taking care of important phone calls (like 1), and trying to keep Josiah entertained(not really he keeps following daddy saying "we working hard daddy"). I did get up at 5:00 and put away one basket full of mine & Steve's clothes before I curled up on the couch and dozed off til Cindy called us at 8:30 a.m to let us know SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PACKAGE ELIJAH RECEIVED FROM WISCONSIN!!!! :) i had a feeling she was the culprit!!! (L.O.L) I also put away one load of Kayla's clothes and ... ... Oh yeah I threw out the trash :) I'm such a trooper!! (right!?!)

I then managed to convince MR.CLEAN to take a run with me into town FOR IMPORTANT BUSINESS!!! like Mc Donalds for breakfast :) he wasn't too enticed until I said, "you've worked so hard all morning... ... we should go get you a chocolate milkshake" VOILA!!! the magic word :)

We went to Mc Donalds and I realized I didn't have my purse :( I had left it at moms yesterday. we had to go to Parlier to pick up my purse, since we were already in town I decided to go into the bank where we have opened Elijah's memorial fund. I ran into 3 girls I went to High School with. I didn't feel like talking so I just didn't look them in the eye and walked out. NOW I FEEL BAD... ... ... but i didn't feel like answering any questions. oh well. they won't fall apart just because I didn't say HI right? who am I any ways?

We got back and Josiah is ready for a nap but this little turkey said, "I go night night myself, my room" BRAT I WAS COUNTING ON DOING MY MOTHERLY DUTY!!

So I guess it's back to Srgt. Clean for working orders :) CINDY TAKE ME AWAY!!! ha! ha! ha!

ON ANOTHER NOTE, I've been thinking that maybe I need to clarify something.
NOT TOO SURE BUT JUST A THOUGHT that keeps running through my mind.

I just want to clarify for any family members who are reading this blog; that I love, appreciate and need ALL OF YOU, not one is more than the other. If for some reason you were not personally contacted by me or my mom to inform you of Elijah's diagnoses it IS NOT BECAUSE WE CHOSE NOT TOO but just because as I am sure you all can imagine it is quite a bit draining to make phone call after phone call to say, "we found out he's a boy & his brain is hanging outside his head and he's gonna die". My mom called her sisters and brother and send Bernice a text message for me because I did'nt want to talk. I asked Minn to email anyone whose email address she had. I only made 2 personal calls (a few days later), to the two cousins I remembered had been through a bit of a similar journey as the one I was about to embark. I called Priscilla and Ruth. SO PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU ARE ALL VERY DEAR TO ME AND I CHERISH ALL OF YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH.


  1. Mr. Clean, I like that, lol :) He's a keeper! I so wish we could take a drive today! Up by the hills...oh nice. Instead I am here at Marshall. But hey I think revival is coming to Marshall School I'll tell you later why! Hey and don't feel bad about running into those girls and not saying hi...if they knew what's going on in your heart I'm sure they'd understand. Love ya!

  2. I have been in your situation of not wanting to chat, not because of pregnancy, but a heavy heart and I understand your decision. Life is too short and hard at times to worry about these things. They will forget sooner than you will:) My husband is like Steve, easily bribed by a chocolate shake!! And a great helper around the house too. This is something they can FIX and they are so driven to FIX things. And you accomplished more than enough in a short period of time to keep you from qualifying for the abyss:)! I am praying for that sweet Elijah and for the plans God has for him. And for your request too. I don't need to know what it is, just that it is important and lay it at His feet, more than once each day for sure. Have a wonderful day and know that Elijah is being formed by the most wonderful creator!!

    Love, Laurie in So. Ca.