Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sgt. Clean & Digging up sweet memories!

I got my working orders from Sgt. Clean... ... ... and tonight as we get ready for bed it feels so good to have put away all that clothes and to have cleared all the clean dishes off my kitchen counters and I am thankful to my inspiration, Sgt. Clean :)

He was organizing the garage and he took out my wedding dress!! I was in the kitchen and walked out to the garage for something. He had my wedding dress! and crown and veil and train and everything from our wedding was in that bin. WOW!! talk about a rush of memories sweeping over me! It was so nice to sit in the garage with him and look at my dress. He was putting it back in the bag and the bin and sand sprinkled out onto the plastic lid. We both laughed as we remembered the second reception at the coast and the walk on the pier all dressed up in our wedding attire, the free dinner from the elderly couple (my 3 maid of honors and some close family drove up with us to the coast where we had reserved tables for dinner the couple ended up paying for all of our dinners because they said it reminded them of when they got married) TOO SWEET!! , the pictures on the beach (MY DREAM COME TRUE!) and the romantic young peddler who was selling roses and gave me some just cause I was in my dress!

Thanks Cindy for emailing me these pic's LOVE YA!!

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  1. And don't forget when Margaret fainted :) your face was too funny, I will never forget that face, cuz she was messing up your moment...hey, we never did take a picture together that day! Love you my darling! xxoox