Friday, April 11, 2008


HI ALL I AM ELIJAH NATHANIEL DOUGLAS!!!! just wanted to introduce my self & let all you wonderful people take a peek at me, inside mommy's tummy! I just thought you all should know that even if medical science says my brain does'nt function normally, I tend to think it works very well because you see I am very smart!!!! I know when people at church are talking about me or praying for me. I can prove this because if you ask my mommy she will tell you that as soon as people start talking about me I start bouncing around inside her. The other day I even played a cool trick on my big brother Josiah. You see he likes to come into bed with Daddy, Mommy & I EVERY MORNING at 6:30 or 7:00 and he likes to hug mommy and jump on daddy and he says "YEE HAW COWBOY" and then he will crawl back on mommy puts his mouth on mommy's tummy & yell LIJAH! (thats what he calls me) Lijah a you doing? Wake UP LIJAH!! and I am like UH! No mommy & I just fell asleep about 3hours ago!! SO HERE COMES THE FUNNY I DID.... Right as he leaned on mommys tummy and rubbed it I GAVE HIM A BIG HEE YAH!! and you should of just seen him he jumped back so far he just about fell off the bed and Mommy just started laughing so hard she could hardly stop laughing to tell Daddy what happened, AND JOSIAH BOY HE WAS SURE SURPRISED and he said in a very serious voice "LIJAH MOMMY, LIJAH MOVING?" pretty cool trick don't you think?!? AND every time my sister Kayla is here and mommy is combing her hair she rubs mommy's tummy and I JUST LOVE TO TAP AT HER! She was acctually the first person to feel me tap besides mommy!!! and On Easter Sunday while we were praying for the offering whenever Kayla leaned into mommy I gave her a big HI-5 but I got her on the cheek!!

SO YOU SEE, I THINK MY BRAIN IS A SMART ONE!!! Whenever mommy& daddy get on the computer to talk about me, to all of you I like to hear them read the comments out loud. Mommy just rubs her tummy (ME) and says okay Elijah I know you can here!! AND I JUST KEEP ON bouncing around and around. I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE MY PICTURE!! AND I JUST WANT TO SAY TO ALL OF YOU HOW GLAD I AM TO KNOW YOU ARE ALL HERE WITH US!!




  1. Precious! I loved the YeeHa story! What a smart boy!

  2. I'm sorry if this is repeated...blogger is being a pain. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know you are in my prayers. I have five children and my youngest is named Elijah Nathaniel!

  3. Would love to put your link on my blog, let me know if that would be ok.
    I couldnt find your email or I would have asked you through that instead of this comment.

    Praying for you.

  4. Hi, I just wanted to let you know the picture is so precious. I too have gotten here from Joshua's story and want you to know that I will be praying for Elijah just as I did for Joshua. These are two special little boys that God has blessed you and Susie with. You both were CHOSEN by God because He trusts you. I know it is all in His hands but I pray you have plenty of precious time with Elijah as Susie had with Joshua. It is such a privelege to walk along side with you and pray for your little boy. God will bring you through.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  5. Maria,
    This is my first time to your blog. I was directed here from Susie and Matt.

    I have to tell you that I think that Elijah is a VERY smart little boy. :) I especially like his little silliness with his brother and sister already.

    God has a plan always. It may not be the same as we had expected but it is always the best plan for all. God is hearing your prayers and I will begin my prayers for Elijah and your family. May God continue to lift you up and give you peace during your pregnancy and thereafter.

    Now, Elijah I want to say "Hello" from Florida. I'm not sure where you are but here it is a beautiful sunny day. So I'm sendning you a ray of sunshine. Enjoy.

    God Bless