Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is my second giveaway I enter in Blog land. THIS POST is to make mention of Kristy's giveaway on her blog : [ON MY SIDE BAR UNDER ASHER & ISAAC]
Kristy is giving away a "miracle blanket" & I hope to win one for my blessing arriving in May!!!

* It is a special baby wrap that holds baby all nice & snug.... I WISH I HAD ONE FOR SIAH - HE REALLY NEEDED ONE I USED TO MAKE SPECIAL WRAPS OUT OF SHEETS FOR HIM :)

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  1. Hello Aunty Marie and Uncle Steve its Janae and Tyresa we missed you guys so much and we would like to come and play with the kids next week, me, Tyresa, and Logan. you know our number if not it will be at the bottom.

    p.s we miss u guys (559)251-5700