Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last night, after Ladies Prayer; I drove up to find my two guys outside under the beautiful breezy night watering our front lawn. We all sat on the porch for just a minute then Josiah said he was tired(he had a long day-no nap).

Steve continued his gardening (moonlight gardening- he loves to do that!!!)

After showering and getting ready for bed. I was so relaxed, I sat on the couch and did some journaling :)

After a few pages, I climed into bed [with the phone!] I got all cozy and called Cindy. We talked and talked and talked for hours (just like old times). At one point Steve came in and just smiled as he walked right back out(he heard me laughing all the way outside).

We ended up staying on the phone til a bit past mid-night!!!(thats late for me)!!!

talking to her was so refreshing. Don't get me wrong we still see eachother at every church service. But we hadn't talked like that for a very long time!!! IT WAS SO GOOD :)

Chris (Cindy's son) is getting so big now. He has his own car. drivers liscence. I know that if he read this he'd probably get all shy cause he's a "cool" kinda kid.. I mean "GUY"! but I remember when he'd sleep between me & Cindy when he was 5 years old & they would spen the night. I remember when we had to make up math problems to entertain him (YES HE's 'SMART TOO') Poor kid talk about being exposed to real "girl drama" at such a young age. He would sit in the back seat as we would drive around and talk " ABOUT GUY DRAMA" and Cindy would "always tell him "you better not ever do 'that to a girl' ('that' being whatever one of us had just experienced with heartbreaker) I remember when we all still called him CRIFFER not much these days - He's all grown up now. But he's a good boy :) very polite, very sweet, playes guitar, hes' on the worship team and he sings in a band too.

He has grown up so much and he has shown so much care towards our family these past two years. I was thinking about how whenever we found out about Elijah he came with Cindy in the middle of the night to just sit with us.

I am sure Proud to have him as my friend/"nephew" :)

So thats what has been on my mind this morning; because of SUCH a refreshingly fun conversation last night.

I say it's time we go for another on eof those drives except this time Criffer will be the driver!! YIKES and I'm the one in the back seat losing my teeth!!! l.o.l
[He lost his 1st tooth in the back seat of our car while driving home from taco bell]!!!

I feel so much PEACE

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