Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kakie & 'Siah's Papa

We took the kids in to see Papa. Josiah sat on Papa's bed and played his guitar and sang him Dad's song. Kake squeezed me tight as the room filled with tears. She was very upset (angry) that her Papa had to be so sick and she was not accepting things well at all!! I am SOOOOOOOOO greatful that Janet allowed us to pick her up and bring her with us. they took all life support off at around 4ish and we were told he would only take 10 breaths and then pass.

It is almost 16 hours and Papa is still breathing ON HIS OWN!!!! Dad is not only a fighter but a very prideful, stubborn old man (said with lots of LOVE), and I know he is DETERMINED to do things HIS WAY!!!!! :)

Just got off the phone with Steve, Dr. just called to say they are SO SURPRISED!!! becasue Dad is doing so well that they are putting him in his own regular room AND that there is a chance he might get to go home with hospice care.

PLEASE pray MY day goes by fast I'm tired, tired, tired!!!


  1. How amazing!! Many prayers being sent up!!

  2. WOW that is amazing!!! I can't believe that, he is such a fighter!!!!