Monday, June 15, 2009


I love the new look on my 'Lijah's blog :)
thanks for all your work Lyndsay
So I gotta share my new love & passion for turtles:
(I had been dealing with a tugging in my heart for turtles since Oct or Nov)
I had no idea why just that every time I saw a little turtle picture, figurine, etc. I felt a fuzzy warm feeling in my heart about Elijah. The only thing I could put together was how passive our 'Lijah was.

Well, just last week I read a beautiful article about sea turtles... how the momma's swim against the curents and waves to get onto the shore to work feverishly to make a nest where their baby turtles can be born. Once the baby turtles are born they must take a chance to get back into the safety of the ocean, passing the dangers that lurk on their journey ie. crabs, people, birds of many types. At the end of the article it says how once at the bottom of the ocean they have reached thier eternity.

Our 'Lijah reached his eternity :)

I had never read such an amazing article but it sure touched my heart, in such a beautiful way.

AGAIN THANKS LYNDSAY for fixing up my page :)


  1. Your so welcome! K helped me too. It's our gift to you. If you ever want it changed, let me know...Lindsay

  2. OOPS! I posted while I was still on under your name. I am about to delete the info, but I wanted to leave you another cute little picture. Watch the sidebar!!

  3. Watch your sidebar..I'm adding another little cutie before I'm done...

  4. Hi Marie,

    I love turtles too! When I was a little girl I had a pet turtle that I took everywhere - even to swim in my friend's pool. My mom didn't want cats or dogs, so that was it..but I loved him. One day I went out to wash my dad's car and took him with me. I lost track and forgot about him for a minute and he was gone. I was so heartbroken. All of the kids in my neighborhood helped me look (we offered a reward of course), but he never turned up. On a happier note, I used to go scuba diving and I actually was able to pet a sea turtle (someone took my picture while I was petting it) one day while diving in Curacao. What an awesome experience! I love the look of your new blog page.

    Deb (from the West Seneca, NY gang)