Friday, March 20, 2009

Kito Ben's here!!! 'computer for my fingers'

KAY IS HOME!!! it has been 2 weeks since we seen her and OMG we missed her like CRAZY, CRAZY!!! Home is so much fun whenever we are ALL home!!!

Tonight we are moving camp douglas out on the trampoline!!! scarey :) l.o.l!

well I better go... We have so many pictures but don't have a way to publish right now.

My interview went BAD!! Oh well, no other choice but to KEEP TRUSTING!!! the best thing to do any ways huh?!!

Erika I hope all is going good for you with your little one growing healthy inside!!!

Just gotta say I MISS talking to you all but I think of you all whenever I see your Home State on the news with the weather :)

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  1. Marie, I'm sorry your interview didn't go better. I know the Lord has something better out there for you! I'm praying He will make it very clear to you. How wonderful that Kay is home! Have fun on the trampoline! lol

    Thanks for thinking of me! We're doing well - I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow, can you believe it?! C-section has been scheduled for June 15th, it's coming up fast! I am so thankful for His grace & mercy! Praying for you, my friend!
    Hugs to you all & prayers, Erika