Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hi, ALL!
Just needed to let you all know we are doing much better! Praise God! still no jobs - but MAN GOD IS GOOD!!! HE CONTINUES TO SUSTAIN US!!!

We are so excited about the mere fact that God is just amazingly providing for our needs.

Our financial situation has not really changed much but to be able to see HIS HAND at work in us is amazing!!!

Our relatives have miraculously been blessed and helped us by paying our rent. We had our water services disconnected and some dear friends came to our rescue. Our Electric bill was almost disconnected and again GOD moved!

We do not understand the WHY's or the WHEN's BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU ALL THAT GOD IS SO FAITHFUL.

This time has been such a growing time in our lives. We are seeing an ENORMOUS GROWTH in our spiritual walk with the Lord.

We have started to have family devotional time reading our bible and praying. Steve and I are experienceing a wonderful time together in the Lord like never before.

The kids are good. We are missing Kayla real bad!! We were supposed to go see her last Wednesday but Josiah had been in the hospital over night and then returned again the following day because he was very very ill. We had a big scare- his body was not reacting to any antbiotics. He is doing much better now! Praise The Lord!

I just wanted to say that we are doing alot of growing... the storms are pretty tough but if we remain walking with our eyes set on the spiritual aspect of things then we begin to watch the HAND OF GOD MOLDING US INTO EXACTLY WHO HE WANTS US TO BE!!!

I am learning to love and cherish this painful time that is producing such beauty within our family.

We are greatful for all your continued prayers and loving messages

* I am still not connected to the internet at home so I do not have a chance to check on all of my blog friends so a very special hello to all of Elijah's love club, Hi to Susie, Kristy, Karen, Jennifer, Becky, Kathy, Melissa, Lori in NY the Friesen's, Erika in NH, Sheena, to ALL OF YOU!!! I MISS YOU TERRIBLY!! I MISS GETTING ONLINE AND CHECKING IN ON YOU AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR DAILY LIVES!!


  1. Hi Marie, what a blessing to me this morning to see such a positive post. My heart has been so heavy for you all these past week. I sent you an email last night to let you know that I was praying for you and then I jump on line this morning to find this post. GOD ID GOOD ALL THE TIME! Praise Him for His faithfulness to your precious family. Be assured of my continued love and prayers.
    Thanks for the "hello".
    love Sheena

  2. Been praying for you, good to hear from you. Stay strong in the Lord and stay together.

  3. God is Good!!!
    So glad you are growing in Him and He is providing!!! We will continue to pray for you all!!