Monday, December 8, 2008

NEED FAST ADVICE any one out there awake?!??!

I was on my way to bed & noticed Sherbet & Rhinestone are still in a cup sitting on the shelf on my hutch.
what can I feed them?
I poured them into a 6 inch tall by 4 inch wide clear glass vase I saved from 'Lijah's funeral
will they be okay? will they die by morning since we have no fish food?
They are probably STARVING poor fish!!!!

I gotta take care of my Kaykee' Sherbet & Rhinestone!!!!
How long will they survive?
we can't afford a tank & the air bubble machine thing and Kayla's last fish from a carnival was already adopted by Tio Ben's big FISH tank but Kake is so set on KEEPING Sherbet & Rhinstone!!
Does any one know what I can feed them inthe mean time?!?!?! till Morning? I can ask Ben to lend us some fish food till we buy some but what about tonight? will they die?
Steve is asleep & I can't call any one right now!
IF ANY ONE IS AWAKE - ONLINE & has advise real quick PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE help me save Sherbet & Rhinestone!!


  1. Since you have them in a glass, I'm sure the temperature isn't very warm so I found this...

    Fish Feeding Dos & Don'ts

    There are two main aspects to properly feeding your fish. These are feeding the right foods and feeding in the right amounts. Each time you feed your fish, whether its three times a day or three times a week, you need to make sure you feed only what they can eat in 5 minutes. A little experimenting can teach you how much to feed. If, five minutes after feeding, there is still uneaten food you know to not feed that much next time.

    Determining what and how often to feed your fish depends primarily on water temperature. In warmer water (60-85 degrees) the metabolism of the fish is high and they can be fed 2-4 times per day. At this time you should be feeding a food with a high protein level such as Pond Care Summer Staple Food. If the water rises to 90 degrees or above you should stop feeding. In spring and fall when your water temperatures fall to 50-60 degrees, you should reduce feeding to once every 1-2 days and feed a low protein food such as Pond Care Spring and Autumn food. When the temperatures drop to below 50 degrees stop feeding the fish. On warm days the fish may become active and "beg" for food. Don't be fooled. Stay strong and do not feed. If the fish do need a little food, they will find enough growing in the pond. The algae that coats the pond liner is all they need. These cold temperatures slow the metabolism of your fish and food will not be properly digested. It can take 3-4 days for the fish to digest the food. It's not worth the fish's life to give it food.

    Also, you need to get them into a fish bowl asap, but make sure the temperature is about the same as the water they are already in. If it's too cold they will die. But I think they should be okay with the feeding for now until you can get them some food.

  2. Probably the best thing to give them would be a tiny piece of lettuce or other garden greens. You can even put a blade of grass or two, as long as there are no pesticides or fertilizers on it. Don't feed breadcrumbs or any people food, because it may foul the water, and that could do them more harm than skipping a meal.

    The thing you need to keep in mind with these fish, usually they are "feeders", intended to be fed to other fish or given away at carnival games, etc. They are often in rough shape when you get them home, and sometimes they don't last more than a day or 2. On the other hand, with a little luck, they could live for years.Good Luck!

  3. a few days without food is no big deal for fish. they should be ok

  4. I think you said they were goldfish, if they are they dont need a filter or anything fancy. Get some cheap food at the pet store, it lasts forever,

  5. You have had quite a weekend! I am about as good with fish as I am with plants.....sorry! I have been praying for you.

  6. Fish can go several days without food. It's far better to under feed them than to over feed them. As long as you keep the water VERY clean, you can keep the fish without a fancy tank or filter. However, goldfish are difficult to keep as they produce high levels of amnonia and require fairly cool water. And since they are mass produced--for feeding other fish and for carnival prizes--they are not always in the best of health. Sorry. I hope your fish fare well and have a long happy life.

  7. I know this is probably not fast enough, but I bet breadcrumbs would do in a pinch!