Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hello All!!!
I have just named myself the~ hot glue gun version~ of MARTHA STEWART!!!

So, yesterday was spent VERY-VERY BUSY making Tamales. We made & sold 20 dozen and boy were they YUMMY-SCRUMPCIOUS. By the end of the day I was BEYOND EXHAUSTED. PRAISE THE LORD we are getting pretty close to making the rent!!!!! GOD TRULY IS GRAND!!! HE WILL SUPPLY OUR EVERY NEED IN THAT WE ARE CONFIDENT- THOUGH WE CANNOT SEE HOW WE TRUST HIM!!!!

Okay-so we get back from bible study last night (yes! can you believe we went, even after a full day of tamale making) While we were at moms making tamales, Steve decided to put up moms Christmas Yard stuff. She gave us one of those huge inflatable snowmen!!!! ... ...

Yup! you guessed it Steve got started on putting up the snowman right as soon as we got home. Josiah was so tired, he had fallen asleep right as we drove up our drive way.

I said I was going to go to bed. I DIDN'T end up doing that but instead Steve brought in the bins of Christmas decorations and YES we began going through all our stuff. We have a beautiful collection of Nativity scenes that my mother in law has bought me every year since 2005! I have also added some myself!!! I love the nativity scene!!! Last year we did not get a tree. Yesterday Tracy & Frank told us they are giving us a tree!!! We have Nativity Scenes in those Christmas bins & those are our decorations. WE have some flowers & glass snowmen from my apartment before I got married. We have every thing EXCEPT tree decorations what a dud! We had gotten rid of all my glass ornaments from my apartment because we were afraid of 'Siah cutting himself.

We ended up getting side tracked with two old plastic Christmas table covers & some hearts & wreaths we use to take to the cemetery. We stayed up till 2:45 a.m making Christmas decorations for 'Lijah's place.

Woke up this morning to a MESSY living room full my beautiful collection of nativity scenes & some of my left over snowmen collection.

I found some curtains too! (mom gave them to me when we moved here) Then I remembered I need to weatherize the kids windows for the winter months. My idea was to put up a thicker curtain. I DO NOT have a sewing machine. MY MOM DOES & SHE SEWS very well too! but MARIE WAS NOT ABOUT TO BE PATIENT & WAIT, NO WAY!! So, I pulled out my hot glue gun and started rearranging blinds with a fleece throw behind each blind then putting up the blinds again & then covering the windows with the curtains again.

The Martha Stewart started coming out in me & that little glue gun was no match for me, I grabbed my scissors made a cute tie back for Kaykee's window then went into 'Si's room and boy, If mom had seen what I was doing she would have freaked!! l.o.l :) [i cut his curtains apart then glued them back together in a NEW way]
Then i went into my messy living room and started there... still not done but I just started laughing at myself when; the thought came to my mind, "MARIE YOU ARE THE GLUE GUN VERSION OF MARTHA STEWART (not even on a shoe string budget but on NO BUDGET!") it was so funny, I just had to blog it :)

I tired out my precious little 'Si! It was funny he was just following me from room to room carrying my bag of glue sticks saying "oooh that pretty momma! you make it fast" l.o.l
He just worried for a little minute when he saw me cutting his curtains apart he said, "uh oh momma daddy gonna get realy mad at you" too funny!!

I need to figure out how to make tree ornaments, ANY IDEAS?????


  1. You could make glue gun blob snowmen!! I used to make a different decoration for the tree each year. One year I hand knotted snowflakes, one year I simply make gingham bows. You could make cinnamon cutouts with cookie cutters. There is a recipe that you mix applesauce and cinnamon. Where in the world do you sell all those tamales?

  2. So I am REALLY behind on reading blogs... and posting for that matter.... But I LOVE reading your posts!!! You are too funny and your son says the funniest things!!!