Monday, December 22, 2008

CAMP DOUGLAS a snoring roaring place

After dinner tonight - we decided to open up 'camp douglas' for CHRISTMAS WEEK!!

This is the very first year Josiah is so expressive about Birthday's & Christmas. We watched the abc movie on t.v, ' WILLIE WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY' Josiah was wide eyed (almost) the entire time. On one commercial Josiah blurted out, "BIRFDAY!! YA FOR BIRFDAY MOMMA". we all started laughing and HE began to mention a grand list of people he want to invite for his birfday & Kakie just couldn't stop laughing whenever he said, "not___________ Tayla(kayla) she not come to my birfday" (a little girl who is very sweet on him- maybe too much cause He always runs away from her) l.o.l

any how. I came to check my e-mail on a commercial and just heard, the CHRISTMAS CARROL MY family is snoring!!! serious they are each snoring. Too Funny! & 'Si fell asleep without changing into his Jammie's (I can't stand when that happens - I end up changing him any way) I know, I know lots of people let their kids sleep in their clothes. I just feel better when they are in their commfies!!! :~) & NO they didn't get a bath tonight either. I know >:-Q

well at least Kakie made it into her commfies! Yeah, I told her she could skip the bath tonight!!!


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