Saturday, December 20, 2008

And Here's what we did today

O.M.G today was so busy!!! crazy busy!! mom & us were having a Christmas yard sale - boutique type of thing - she was selling crafts & curios for Christmas & I was selling BOWS :~) Beth has Logan & Nannah [her step kids from 1st marriage - she divorced their father not the children & the children have no real contact with the dad & yes, Tony is fine with it :~)] visiting for Christmas. They have not been here since almost a year. Logan had managed to get a hold of his moms cell phone, saw Beth's picture in his moms phone & pushed a button and ended up calling Beth(for over a week) he called every morning between 8-10 a.m would say nothing & Beth did not recognize the number so she would not return the call - Finally, Thursday she got another call & decided this time she would call back. She did & heard a little boy. She asked who is it & he replied, "PICK ME UP!" she knew immediately who it was :~) So, now they are here to visit for the weekend :~)

Kayla & Logan trying out their swingOf Course Josiah's ALL time Favorite Pass Time (worship)
Logan swinging & yelling like tarzan

After this we ate tacos then me & the kids ran to church for practice. 'Si stayed home with Steve. His class already had practice on Wednesday!

After Practice we got back Mom, Beth, Tony & the kids left.


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  1. Hi guys, i still read all your blogs but have not commented for a little while, i was blowing bubbles the other day (for no reason - no kids around lol) and i thought about Elijah and the day i blew him some from down under! it made me smile, and i just wanted to let you know i blew and extra few just for him. I hope you all have a blessed christmas! Barb Melb. Aust