Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Sweet Girl IS HOME!!!!

We picked Kayla up from school yesturday & played football in the front yard as soon as we got home!!! Josiah tackled me to the ground and Daddy chased Kayla all over the yard. Josiah & Kayla were so happy to see eachother.

We also took a family trip to the library - that was fun but Josiah was trying to get all the Thomas The Train movies & was so excited to be with Kayla that we were not able to spend that much time in there. Kayla & I are still reading Heidi so we re-checked it out. but returned the movie & she picked out "how to eat fried worms" EEeeK!!!(not looking forward to watching that with her) But Steve is all proud cause she picked that movie!!! Of course Josiah got Thomas The Train.

When we got home we had sandwiches & snacks and spread out all the blankets in the living room. (OUR NEW KAYLA'S WEEKEND TRADITION) WE CAMP OUT TOGETHER IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!! We watched movies and played rumble tumble all over the living room floor and finally fell asleep :~)

Steve was laying in the middle between Kayla & Josiah. I watched them laying there cuddling and said, "Oh It's Kayla & Daddy sleeping together just like when she was a baby."
Kayla & Steve giggled and she snuggled into daddys arms so closley it was such a warming feeling.

We are all done with breakfast and getting ready to take Kayla on a girls day out!! Moriah is comming too!!!

The guys started whining about being left behind... ... ... so they are gonna tag along for a bit but we are sending them to another store when Kayla goes to Old Navy!!!

Steve & I managed to sneak into our bed at 3:00 a.m and this morning we were awaken by two wild "monkeys" jumping all over our bed.

Steve & Josiah went to the store & Kayla & I made french toast for breakfast.
B I G NEWS!!!!!
1). A 4). B+ and 1). C OUR BABY GIRL IS A 3.0 STUDENT!!!!

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  1. It sounds like a perfect weekend! I love to go to the library too. It is right across from where I work. Enjoy.