Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Thanksgiving day (we are back home now)

It is 7:45. My precious 'Si is fast asleep on the couch (he skipped nap time today). Daddy is out in the yard putting up Christmas lights (yes! in the dark - he's crazy like that). I just finished cleaning up the kitchen from my baking this morning.

My day started out nice. Steve took 'Si to the annual Church Turkey bowl. They were both dressed in grey sweats and their matching Raiders Jersey. This will probably be the last time 'Si gets to wear his. It is too small. We got it as a gift for his baby shower and he finally sorta fit into it at 1 yr. old and wore it last year too. I think next season it will not fit any more!

I stayed home . I enjoyed a nice long hot shower; worship playing in the background. I got out put on some comfies, dried my hair, read my bible, prayed, blogged and started my baking. I baked bananana nut bread and zuccini bread (missed my Kake). The house was so quiet. This is the first time 'Si has gone to the Turkey Bowl without me Such a treat!!!.

I was just starting the oatmeal chocolate nut cookies when Daddy & 'Si walked through the front door. Yes, you better believe 'Si washed up and hopped onto a chair to "help" me bake. Steve had jumped in the shower and I went into the kitchen to pull loaves out of the oven and whenI returned to the dining table. Josiah was covered in flour, the cookie batter was floating in melted butter and a fresh white glistening lump of sugar.
*Aaaaagh!!!* I tried to see what all he had added to the mix but there was no way of knowing what all was in there. - Oh well, we baked them any ways we ended up with OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP NUT BISQUITS rather than oatmeal cookies. L.O.L!!!

Then I let HIM(all by himself) make peanut butter cookies (so wish we had at least a camera phone to show you all his YUMMY peanut butter cookies!! They were a hit!!!

I finished baking got dressed and went over to Ben & Minn's. We have a tradition of taking turns saying what we are thankful for. When it was Josiah's turn he was the first to mention 'Lijah. He said, "I- I - Um- I thankful for my 'lijah". WE ALL got choked up! I smiled at him and said," yeah baby me too, I'm thankful for 'Lijah too!"

I was doing good and then all of the sudden I started feeling anxious. I couldn't concentrate and I felt out of place. Steve & Josiah were outside with all the boys playing horse shoes. I felt as if I had nothing to say to mom, Cindy or my sisters. I was so uncomfortable. Steve & I drove to Parlier to the cemetery to take the wreath I had made.

We sat on the grass quietly, for a very long time. It started getting dark and very cold. The sky was beautifully grey and cloudy. I began to feel so tired. Like I finally let out a big sigh! We walked over to my grandparents grave and my uncles and aunt's as well (they are just a few rows away). We also went to Mr. Lincoln's grave (Ben's dad - Beth nicknamed him Lincoln) His grave is just across from 'Lijah's.

We went back to Ben's to pick up Josiah. Jonathan was there now. We were emotionally tired and ready to go home but we went in and visited for a bit. Cindy left and Christine was there too. Her hug was so warm and comforting.(sweet friend)!!

We packed up 'Si's things and my dishes plus a yummy take -home of all the left overs. We said our good-byes and called it a day!

It was a good day - difficult and emotional but GOOD! BLESSED! with Love, longing, Pain , Peace, Comfort, Strength &Hope!!!

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  1. Marie - I do want you to know that I prayed for you when I awoke during the night. I knew there would be one 'missing' this year.