Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today it was "PAN'S & SPOONS"!!!
I think I have mentioned before that Josiah is very musically inclined... Seriously, He has been a worshipper since he was a very young baby! He mimics our Pastor who is also our worship leader - He has 4 different play guitars but takes the whole guitar thing very serious. So much so that my brother in law decided to make him a custom made guitar stand for his little bitty guitar, because he takes it to every church service since he was 1 year old. He has just recently (on his own) decided to put his guitar stand right next to Pastors & stand right by his side "DURING" the entire worship service - This boy is something!!(He loves 2 worship that's for sure)!!!
I have 3 pic's of that & will post real soon just that since we don't have our own camera or pic phone we always ask Mom, Beth or Josh to take pic's for us and I'm waiting for Josh to send me the pictures via e-mail. I think it looks so cute - he looks like a mini of our Pastor :)

Today Josiah was playing with some drum sticks he got from a drummer in a Band that Cindy's brother is in. He was pounding on my walls and singing his little heart out, so I decided that I better give him some stuff to bang on - the cake pan & plastic spoons were his favorite!
He was so engaged in this play that I was able to sort laundry, clean up from breakfast, hang a load of laundry, make lunch and still had a quick chance for a run to the bathroom :) & then after I asked[soon to be] uncle Tony to take a picture for us with his phone, I sat with him and made a joyful noise
(we think he was singing & moving his face or maybe blinking)

Later we also added a muffin pan to our Band!
Later when my mom & Beth came after daddy got home he very proudly told them, "Bible says, JOYFUL NOISE uto the Lord psaLms 62"[accent the L] one of the verses he learned at school. His favorite verse and he knows the reference too, he says,"If you ask anything in my name, I W I L L D O I T [yelling] John furrrrrteen furrrrteen!! [rolling the r's]
He is so precious!! We also have a picture someone took at church of Kayla - kneeling at the front of our church during a worship song.(she doesn't know it was taken) We want to have it sent to our computer & then we will post it.
Oh our hearts are so filled with joy to see our kids worshipping :)
I sent out 3 more resume's today *Praying for a door to open*
Steve had a grate day & my appointments were a bit draining - nothing was resolved, well not really but I found out we can appeal it, just that it will take too long to save Josiah's spot - WE ARE STILL TRUSTING & BELIEVING, GOD KNOWS ALL OF OUR TOMORROWS, HE KNOWS WHEN I'M GETTING A JOB & HE WILL PLACE JOSIAH WHERE HE NEEDS TO BE AT THE RIGHT TIME... ... ...
until then we will keep "making a joyful noise unto the Lord"
*confession I enjoyed banging those spoons& pans* (good outlet-Hee, Hee, Hee)

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  1. What an amazing little boy. How incredible that he is worshiping the Lord like that at such a young age!
    And such a cutie too!