Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few things to mention

# 1 I absolutly love blogging! and I have been piddling around on my dashboard and stuff like that to try to figure this all out, cause when I... I mean when my nephew Jared set it up for me I was jsut happy to be able to communicate back and forth about our journey with Elijah. I know I was off of blogging for about a month or so & now that I'm back.... .... It's like blog land went through a "ccolness revolution" and I missed it!!!!!!!!! [can you see me pouting? my bottom lip is dragging so low If I stand up I might trip on my lower lip] ;(
Sooooooooooooooo all you SSsssssssssssweeeeeeeeeeeeeeaties,
T E L L M E!! (WHINING!!!)(i want a cute blog too!!)

#2 Did you see that I did manage to add "followers" I'm so good at this stuff! RIGHT??!!!
WRONG but thanks to my new followers that was pretty neat to see that - took me a while to figure out what it meant; (funny confession I never told to any one before now) when I logged on one night and read 1 FOLLOWER
it was like 2 a.m and I was alone in the kitchen and I got all scared and got up to close the blinds over the sink which is directly behind my desk and then logged off and darted across the dining room, ran through the living room straight to my room and jumped into bed real fast! (I'M NOT KIDDING) I hugged Steve real tight but he was fast asleep!!
My heart was kinda pounding and I thought (some protection he is when my computer just announced I have 1 follower).
I AM SO NOT KIDDING and if my brothers and sisters and mom & Cindy & her son Chris and my nephews ROQUE, KITO & JARED & My COUSIN BERNICE were bloggers & read this they'd be BUSTING UP LAUGHING saying "YUP- she's not kidding" AND POSTING MORE RIDICULOUS STORIES LIKE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! so glad they don't blog :)


  1. My advice is to go to cutest blog on the block and get yourself a new FREE background! They are super fun to change and are FREE! If you need help with that let me know!

  2. Oh but yes I do blog and you are hilarious! I can't imagine why I was totally able to picture the scandal in my head. Summed up in one word? Trakalada! ;) Love you lots Marree! Still lol!!!

  3. Marie - All I want to do is to be able to add pictures. I try and try but still can't figure out how! Nothing happens. The words come out of my heart, but my pics are locked in my nikon. Actually, in my computer......

  4. Hey Becky sounds like we need to take a class huh? You've clicked on the add photo button at the top of your blog post in the tool bar & still no pic's? Hmmm! CAN ANY 1 HELP BECKY???