Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Special Gifts...

This past weekend we were surprised with a special gift from some very dear friends. People who I grew up with in church and who mentored my christian walk as a young lady. We no longer attend church together however they still remain very dear to my heart. We do not keep in close contact any more like we used to but they knew of Elijah's condition and had been in contact with me through email, offering prayers of comfort and strength as we went through our pregnancy hoping God would change the outcome of Elijah's condition. When Elijah went home to be with Jesus I thought of Rosa & Don"Chano" while I was at the hospital but with my whirlwind of emotions didn't have the strength or emotional energy to call them. They were at Elijah's " life celebration services" and I can't say that I was surprised. I knew I could count on them to be there; faithful friends! (their 2 sons and families also came). It was such a gift of comfort to have them there at such a time in my life.

Well this past weekend my phone rang... a number I did not recognize appeared. I answered and the person on the other end of the line was Don "chano" although it took me a few seconds to recognize his voice, after a few wise cracks(as usual) I knew who he was!
He was calling to tell me that they were in town and had something special I would be very interested in seeing. I gave them directions to our house and within just a few minutes they were here!! WHAT A NICE SURPRISE!!!

That wasn't the best part when Rosa & Chano walked in he held a fairly large envelope in his hand and when we asked them to take a seat, he said, "you might want to stand while you open this" for a tiny little bitty second I got scared it was something to do with the "funeral home incident"(blogged days past) BUT IT WASN'T... ... To our surprise he opened the envelope with such tenderness and care and there it was - A BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE OF ART!!! He had a picture of Elijah professionally drawn for us!!! Oh what a treasure!!!!!

Steve and I were practically speechless! I hugged them both - several times I think!!!

It was such a precious and priceless gift; not only the portrait of Elijah but the fact that our baby is not forgotten!!

We are so blessed to have such treasures in the friendships Christ has given us!!!
I encourage you today to reach out to tell someone the gift they are in your life!!! & I will do the same :)


  1. Praying for you and your husband. So glad to read the last post!

  2. The good with the sorrow, what an amazing God we serve. One of my friends emailed me and asked if she could knit Noah a hat! These precious gifts remind us that we are loved and your son and my grandson are cared for as well
    and will not be forgotten!