Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today is Father's Day! I am able to blog because I'm at Minn's house.(hope her compuer doesn't flake out in the middle of this)
WELL... ... where do I begin? SO LOST FOR WORDS! Still growing a beautiful belly and my boy is still as strong as ever. Steve & I are still struggling with oh so many OTHER ISSUES - housing, finances, and custody stuff! ON TOP OF OUR PRECIOUS PAINFUL BURDEN WE ARE BEARING FOR who knows how much longer! I am as swollen as an exploding marshmellow at a camp fire :) people look at me and no matter what i do to look my best I still get all the glares and looks of pitty and even sometimes disgust. (the make up, leg shaving and toe nail polishing are to no avail!!! Cindy even died my hair for me the other night, Beth or Steve have to rub lotion on my legs now because as Beth put it "my body has reached its maximum capacity L.O.L I say I have exceeded maximum capacity but I guess Elijah has the final say :)

The shower was good - very emotional. MOSTLY CHURCH PEOPLE my two cousins Elva & Ruby came and Elva's girls 2 of them. Of course my sisters and mom. Steve's mom came too. We were so blessed by all the encouraging words. Steve & I spoke and it was a good feeling to be able to talk to everyone.

Going to see Dr. every Tuesday now she says I have about two weeks left(MIXED EMOTIONS) today we went to see my father in law and my mother in law asked if i am ready for it to be over ( I so wanted to SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS... NO!!!! but inorder to keep polite I just answered nothing and looked away) It was hard but she tries - I guess.

Yesterday was Beth's baby shower(my brother threw it for her). I ACTUALLY HAD A BLAST!!! never once thought of losing Elijah just enjoyed being together with my three sisters Minn, Beth & Cindy and Beth & I were PREGNANT TOGETHER just like we planned and took lots of pic's (cindy has them) played games and came home exhausted!!!!

We have had two of the roughest weeks since we started this journey - very extremely painful and stressful. BUT YESTERDAY on our way to the shower we stopped by Cindy's moms and was surprised to learn that Elijah got a package from Joshua's family in New Zealand :) A SPECIAL HOMEMADE KNIT HAT :) loved it so much thanks Susie!!

Still praying for Jacobs family knowing we too will soon be in their boat

So much more to say about Elijah and the latest info we have gotten from the Dr's but I don't want to run the risk that this computer will flake out on me.

PLEASE, PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY WE CONTINUE TO BE IN THE REFINERS FIRE and it doesnt always make sence and we seem to be in a vert thick fog lately PLEASE WE CONTINUE TO NEED YOUR PRAYERS - we need the doors to open for us to get a place to live on our own ... I just dont want my sadness to weigh down on Beths happiness and I can't always bear her happiness at the same time I'm dealing with my sadness PLEASE EVERY ONE PLEASE PRAY!!!


  1. You look absolutely beautiful in your pictures! I am praying for you as always.

  2. Oh Marie,

    What a great start to my Monday morning to click on and find you have been here. Bless your heart. I have been so concerned with you not being able to update and thought maybe Elijah was already here. You know I will be praying for him and for you and Steve. I think you look so beautiful in the pictures posted. Don't worry about all the other lookers, they have no idea of the treasure you carry in your belly. I do and I am praying so hard for precious and sweet time with him, a smooth delivery, and peace in your hearts. And how sweet of Susie to make Elijah a hat, wow, she knows just how to do it. I am praying for your other needs too sweetie, God knows each and every one. Please just know that you are in my heart and I think about and pray for you all the time. I love you and hope you can get to a computer again soon. God is with you and watching over you.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie in So. Ca.

  3. I'm saying a prayer for you now. May God lead you so sovereignly and delicately through this time that it will be a testimony to you and everyone who sees it.

    Many hugs,

  4. I am praying for you and your family and your beautiful baby boy.

  5. definitely praying with you.

  6. I am still praying for you sweet friend. I know how difficult the uncertainty of all of this is. You are doing a wonderful job of enjoying each moment God allows. You are never alone!

    Love and Prayers,