Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back From Doctor's Appt.

Our appointment was this morning. IT WENT WELL. Well? what is well in this situation?
I guess keeping on the bright side of things, or as Steve told Kayla when this whole ordeal started; "finding the rainbows!" what are those rainbows today?
  1. Elijah is growing
  2. He looks so precious
  3. He has ten perfect fingers and ten perfect toes
  4. He has a strong, healthy heart beat
  5. His kidneys are functioning perfectly
  6. His lungs are developing just as they should be
  7. His brain is growing

So everything is growing just fine except that his brain is outside of his head, and he can't survive like that.

We talked to the doctor about the things we were going to, she heard us out and explained her view. Steve & I left feeling very comfortable with what she said. ABOVE ALL WE ARE CONFIDENT that the Lord has his hand of protection on the entire situation.

I had to go do some routine lab work before we came home. The two phlebotomy technician's who drew my blood were so spiritually uplifting! Earlene even jotted down Elijah's blog address, and Theresa, she even held my hand and prayed for me!! TRULY AN UNEXPECTED BLESSING!

We came home and were totally emotionally spent. Ate lunch and got Josiah after school (we are so grateful for all that our eldest nephew does for us & Josiah. His name is Ben, Josiah calls him "Kito Ben" his nickname at home is KITO and at daycare, because he works there at Josiah's school they call him Ben so Josiah now calls him Kito Ben) THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO KITO BEN!!!

So we came home and all took a nap together on our bed. It felt so good to be able to feel the security of being together. I will be going to prayer night at 6:00. Steve & Josiah to another ball game.

Shhhh! please don't let Elijah hear that, we all know what happened last week Hee! Hee! HA!


  1. So, so sooo glad you felt God's blessing at unexpected place and time. You are walking a path no one wants to. But, you are doing it with such grace and dignity. You are impacting lives, hearts and more importantly spirits. Thank you for sharing so openly your most painful fears and emotions. We are here in Blog Land. We are praying even when you don't know it. Continue to lean heavily on the Lord. Crawl up into His lap when you need rest.

  2. Please know I am praying for your family and baby Elijah!


  3. Praising right along with you for the report that your precious baby is growing! What a blessing that is. I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and have been praying for you. I wish I could answer the why questions for you. I wish that we could learn the lessons God has for us and grow in the Lord without having to go through such difficult trials in life.

    I read a neat little story based on Malachi 3:3 "He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver..." If you read about the refining process, the refiner has to keep constant watch of his material in the fire. If he takes his eyes off for just a second, the metal can become too hot and ruin the piece. He has to pull it from the fire at just the right time. To think our Lord has his eyes on us constantly and is waiting for just the right time to lift us from the fire is a great encouragement to me. So many times I feel as if I am in the fire alone.
    I pray that today and for the rest of your days, you can rest in knowing that the Lord is refining you and will never take his eyes from you.
    Have a blessed day today!