Wednesday, March 19, 2008

February 13, 2008 we were told that our little blessing due to be born in late spring to early summer would not be with us for a lifetime, but rather for only a few short minutes with a very slight possibility of hours and even less chance of living days. The doctors said we could choose to terminate the pregnancy because there is no chance of survival they said “There is no hope or chance for survival. That he could be born stillborn. Steve said “that’s the doctors report, but who’s report will WE believe” Together we chose for our response to be worship. “BLESSED BE THE NAME; HE GIVES AND TAKES AWAY” OUR HOPE IS IN THE LORD THE ETERNAL HOPE OF GLORY!!!!

WE have chosen to name him:
Elijah Nathaniel Douglas.
Elijah means “God is my strength” and Nathaniel means “God Gave”

Steve and I are certain that GOD will see us through. WE ARE NOT certain how we will feel every day as we go through this but WE ARE CERTAIN that GOD IS WITH US!! HE WILL GIVE US THE STRENGTH AND SEE US THROUGH.


Nonetheless, we accept HIS perfect will and plan for our lives including what the outcome of “OUR MIRACLE” will be. Should Our Sovereign Lord Choose to take him home, WE KNOW THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE GLORIFIED EVEN IN THROUGH THIS STORM.

Please keep us in your prayers. DAILY!

Pray for Kayla to be able to experience the peace of God in her heart even as she goes back and forth to her mother’s home and will be away from us for periods of time. That her faith not be shaken but rather strengthened in Christ. That His Holy Spirit BE EVER PRESENT EVERY MINUTE OF HER DAYS even as questions may arise that she can feel his overwhelming peace that surpasses all understanding.

For Josiah pray that the Holy Spirit bathe him in His perfect peace. As he is much too young to know what is happening WE are certain that he can sense the tension of what we have been going through these past few days. He needs peace and security.

For Steve and I, pray that our strength will be renewed daily. That our faith in God will not waver, that we never lose hope and that some how the Lord reveal to us his plan for our life.
Pray that we be able to love each other stronger every day, to understand one another and our individual ways of dealing with our emotions and hopes as we trust IN GOD TO DO AS HE SEES FIT. That our unity and bond as a couple, as parents and as individuals will strengthen our relationship with our Savior and with each other.

For Elijah, pray that HE BE MADE WHOLE! Pray that HE be a MIRACLE OF GOD FOR ALL MEN TO SEE THE HAND OF GOD IN HIS LIFE; that the PERFECT will of God be done in our son’s life. Pray that he continue growing strong inside me. That he make it to full term and for a quick delivery. With no complications that would take precious time we want to spend with him when he arrives. We want to have as much time with him as the Lord will allow us. We want to take pictures with him.
We do not know who and or how this will affect our relatives and friends and or people we come in contact with on a daily basis. We ask that you let us know that you are with us. Whenever you feel an urge to pray for us please do so or to call or write to tell us you are praying for us. The word of the Lord says to bear one another’s burdens… WE WILL NEED TO BE REMINDED WE ARE SURROUNDED IN LOVE AND IN PRAYERS.
WE just pray that Gods Perfect Peace rule in our home. That our attitude daily will be to worship Him because HE is our refuge and strength. HE has promised us that HE would never leave us nor forsake us; to be with us always.

I am so grateful to God for the strength God has given Steve. The amount of faith he has been able to share with me as he leads our family through this. He has been able to speak words of encouragement to Kayla & I. Reminding us we do not lose hope for our hope is in Christ not in what man says. HE said “GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY”.

I am thankful for our church and Pastoral staff and teachers who have shared with us the word of Christ. The teachings we have received through out our walk with the Lord especially these last two years as the word of God has been planted in our hearts, which has prepared us for the season at hand.

When we told Kayla, immediately tears filled her beautiful blue eyes as she looked up at her daddy and I one of the very first things she said was, “BUT GOD CAN DO A MIRACLE MOM, HE can! I am going to pray and I believe enough that HE can do this!” Steve and I are so glad to see that even our children have a strong relationship with God. WE thank God once more for our church that has helped us in building them up strong in HIS ways!!!

Our prayer is that everyone who read this would come to know that you too can have the peace of God in your life through every trial and test of life, that you would know that you can call upon the name of the Lord and he can come to you in times of trouble. HE knows what you are facing at this very moment in your life and HE has promised never to leave you nor forsake you.
All you have to do if you are facing some type of trail is whisper this prayer of faith : Jesus Christ I believe you are the Son of God. I need you to help me. I am in need of your touch. I believe that you died on a cross to forgive my sins and I ask you at this very moment to come into my heart and be with me daily, that your Holy Spirit will guide me and be with me from this day forward. Amen.

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  1. I strongly believe that God has a plan with the situation at hand. Right at this moment we feel like asking "why?" or "when?" but that's just natural for us inperfect humans. For our perfect God it's easy peezy. Our job is to just thank Him for the plan to come and to keep our strong faith in Him. Ever heard the term "too many cooks in the kitchen........"? It's none of our business what His plan is at this time and as difficult as it can be, we need to stick to our side of the deal. I'm so proud of the strength that you guys have through Him. You guys are in my daily thoughts and prayers and you can rest assured that He's listening to every thought and prayer. Please call me if you ever feel like you need to vent. I love you guys so much!
    All my love,
    Bernice H. Stephens