Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tip-Toe to TWO

Our little Miss Haliah Halleilie will be TWO on the 20th of April!!!
Shes such a sweet doll, so much fun! She loves CINDERELLA right now, I love how she says, "Rella purtty Rella"
she got a little white kitten as an EARLY birthday present from her nino.

The kitty sleeps with 'Siah and follows him everywhere. ;) he runs from Haliah most of the time but he is patient with
her :D

Kayla is doing softball again, over at her moms ;) SHES ONE GREAT BALL PLAYER. Hope we can go to some of her games!! Josiah did not do baseball afterall but is taking drum lessons and will be trying out for The Dinuba Aqua Emps swim team


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